​the warm, rich smells surrounded and help me  in their grasp as i walked into the door  of Juan castaneda’s  Bakery , Cake World. 

castaneda started his baking career unwillingly  as a young boy at the side of his father, who was  a baker in mexico  he moved to the united states in 1959 When'd he was  18 years old, but not as a baker. he worked other jobs  and realized those other jobs did not fell right because he was a baker at heart. castaneda came from guanajuato mexico. 

I have lived more than half of my life here, so this is  home, castaneda said i grew up in the bakery that was in our home. We woke up early in the morning , and my sister and I would sweep, put things together before school, we would go back and pick up the baskets, and take the orders back home to the bakery.

​my father taught me how to cook we wasted nothing, and we measure  with our hands. to this day I make the bread this same way, he said .

He works with his four brothers sisters and other family members. it is a truly family  endeavor. for 16 years, Cake world has served the customers that stream into the store at 220 maryland parkway, at stewart avenue,,

team cake world

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